1. Programs: Home and Community Based Services ( HCBS)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation/Habilitation: One to One counseling for substance and mental health issues; Rehabilitation counseling including recovery activities, interventions and support necessary for the individual to implement learned skills to remain in a natural community location.



Family Support and Training: Assisting the family to provide a safe and supportive environment in the home and community for the individual (e.g., coping with various behavior challenges, understanding substance use disorder, psychotherapy, and behavioral interventions).

Spiritual Guidance and Support: (which is different from religion).  Available for groups, couples, family and the individual (Group Support and  One to One Support).


Empowerment Services and Peer Support      

Recovery Coaching/Peer Mentoring helps to remove barriers and obstacles to recovery by serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking recovery and connecting them to recovery services.

Auricular Acupuncture helps with detoxification and benefits such as: greatly reduced cravings; alleviation of withdrawal symptoms; reduces stress; decreases anxiety and lessens feelings of hostility.

Massage Therapy offers the possibility of healing and change on many levels. It offers the opportunity to explore deeper levels of relaxation and peace, greater self-acceptance and awareness.

Empowerment Lab introduces the participant to self-improvement technologies such as:

Visualization, Brainwave Entrainment, Self-hypnosis, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and more. These techniques have been a useful part of recovery programs.

Interpersonal Development Skills: Provide opportunities to socialize and to become involved in the recovery community through planned and organized social activities such as: line dancing, bowling, trips, writing, recovery through photography, art, music and more.  

Training Academy:

National Council of Behavioral Health

     Mental Health First Aid Training

Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA), Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC)

     Credentialing Preparation: Classes, Intern Placement, and Exam Preparation.

Certified NYS OASAS Education and Training Provider

     Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Training (SBIRT)

     Motivational Interviewing Training

     Ultra-Brief Motivational Interviewing

     CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

     Peer Based Ethics Training

     Medication Assisted Treatment Training

  •  Teen Intervene Training

Re-Entry Support: 

Provide help to ex-offenders to successfully transition back into life at home.  


Innovative Transformational Process (ITP) (psycho-educational group training series.) These classes/ workshops and seminars help to address substance use and misuse, maladaptive behavior, family breakdown, youth delinquency and unemployment.


Anger Management and Parenting Skills (Individual or group) sessions.